Narukin’s NaruDinamics English ver.

I, Narukin (Naru Honda), live in Tokyo, Japan and write and run a blog in Japanese (original Japanese blog). Narukin is my nickname. I decided to run my blog in multiple languages because I wanted to get to know people all over the world and have fun talking to them and to let them know my thoughts (English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean).
In Japan, if you google Narukin, it will appear immediately.

My interests are very broad, and I intend to write useful and interesting articles in various fields, so please read them. This page is the top page of this language version, so I would be very grateful if you could bookmark this page, and if you are a user of SNS such as Facebook and Twitter, you could share your articles and blog. Thank you in advance.

⚫︎MBTI(16 type personalities)

ナルメカ(ナルキンのそうなるメカニズム) -NaruMECHANISM-