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what the term extrovert really means

​Have you ever wanted to be extroverted? ​In Japan, people who are cheerful and able to have fun with people are often called “sun character” these days.
​On the other hand, “shady character” may have an unpleasant, damp image.

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According to a survey by a Japanese organization, the number of extroverts was about twice that of introverts. ​For now, you can assume that there are roughly twice as many extroverts as introverts.

​The truth is that in psychology, “extrovert” is not the same as “sociable”.

​・Extroverted → Not necessarily sociable

​Extrovert simply means “I like to go to parties and drinking parties and have fun.” “spend a lot of time on social activities involving people” and “good at making new friends”.

​Extroversion is not a measure of “how well it works” with new friends or existing acquaintances. ​In other words, in psychology, extroversion does not imply good social interaction. ​Being good at understanding other people’s feelings and socializing are related to “Highly harmonious (be highly cooperative)”.

​・Good at socializing = harmonious (be highly cooperative)

​There are people who are extroverted but not cooperative. ​For example, “a person who is extroverted and uncooperative” may apply to people who are “love rampaging at bars and festivals”. ​They love to be loud, but it’s hard to believe they’re maintaining good relationships because they’re wild.
​”Extroverted ✖ cooperative (harmonicity)” image (It’s a pirate image of the rough, but it could be different.)

​By the way, in psychology, the perception that “shy not extroverted” is not actually true. ​”not extroverted” simply means that you are not interested in socializing. ​That kind of person is just not interested in interacting with people, but the association of “Non-extroverted (have no interest in interacting with people) = > not sociable = > shy” works. ​However, in many cases, shy people are more neurotic and anxious than others, so they become shy.
​I’m very extroverted and like to hang out with people, but I’m also neurotic (anxiety). ​So when I meet people, they compete a bit. ​But I love to interact with people because extroversion usually wins. ​I want to think that my cooperativeness is… high.

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