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rational use of anxiety

​Do you have a personality that makes you feel uneasy? ​My friend T has a personality that makes me feel uneasy (neurotic).

​He was too anxious, fearing, for example, an earthquake that would happen someday. ​It’s true that watching the great earthquake on TV is scary, but there are people in the world who don’t feel so anxious. ​Yes, there are people who are less likely to feel uneasy and less likely to feel anxious, as there are people who are scared to death of haunted houses, but there are also people who are not so scared.
​Psychologists are finding that half of these neuroticism is due to heredity (Congenital: acquired = 50: 50). ​Unfortunately, people who are more likely to feel great anxiety “by nature” are more likely to feel anxiety.


​How to Use Your Feelings of Anxiety

​Now, back to the subject, how should my friend T deal with his anxiety about the earthquake? ​He said, “feel uneasy” “scary” and “want to be less anxious” and he suggested taking a deep breath and doing yoga.
​That’s certainly one way. ​It will ease your inner anxiety. ​However, unless he resolves his underlying anxiety, the fear of earthquakes will strike again. ​What? You can’t solve an earthquake? ​That’s right.
​But “preparation for an earthquake” is possible. ​For example, you can fix furniture to the floor or the wall with nails to prevent it from falling down when it shakes. ​If you don’t do that, and you just freak out or calm down your inner fears, you’re still fundamentally anxious.

​Then, what should I do if I still feel uneasy after fixing the furniture in the previous example? ​Actually, you should be proud of it. ​”great power” of feeling insecure.

​So let’s compare that to a person who doesn’t have a lot of anxiety in the world.

  • ​People who are not worried about earthquakes
    They are not prepared for earthquakes → If an earthquake actually occurs, they will be crushed by furniture.
  • My friend T who is worried about the earthquake
    He sensed the danger and fixed the furniture to the floor with a nail → He was able to prepare for the earthquake → There is a high possibility that he will survive the earthquake.

​When you think about it, it’s not a bad thing to feel anxious, but rather you have a high ability to sense danger. ​If you put it to good use, you can take care of it.

​Yes, most personalities are built on pros and cons, and the pros of anxiety are “ability to sense danger better than others”.

​Because you can feel anxiety and sense danger, you can eliminate the element of anxiety. ​Yes, when you feel anxious about something, you don’t just fear it. If you deal with it by crushing the source of your anxiety one by one, you will go ahead of others.

​Even if it seems like a demerit, you can see the merit if you change your way of looking at it. ​Turn your anxiety-prone nature into positive!

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