bad things for the ENTP

ENTPs will feel uncomfortable when they have to be concerned only with formality and appearance, or when they are forced to plan. They will also feel uncomfortable if they are not free to discuss ideas and experiment.

They don’t like it when someone forces them to stick to an existing method or plan that is too inefficient.

They resent and despise it when someone stubbornly resists trying new ideas. This is especially true when they are confident in the idea and have a clear expectation of its effectiveness.

They feel resentful and disdainful when they have to deal with people who don’t see the big picture, obsessing over details that they consider particularly unimportant. They may consider such people to be immature. They feel trapped in a secretive environment where teamwork is disregarded or communication is not good overall.


Stress response

ENTPs will require and waste a large amount of energy when they have to concentrate continuously on detailed tasks. Nonetheless, under stress they begin to obsess over details. However, it may actually be trivial in the grand scheme of things.

When they are stressed, they may change their interests from one to another, in which case they lose their sense of purpose and focus. They lose consistency, shifting from one interest to the next, and most of what they set out to do may end up half done.

When thinking, they may continue thinking without finding a solution. They may not be able to think broadly and set goals. As a result, details that are not very important to them may seem important, and they may become overly attached to them.


How to deal with stress

ENTPs can change their mood by interacting positively with people and enjoying the fashionable atmosphere. They should allow themselves to go out and be stimulated and to think freely.

Forgetting what they once had to do, they may want to try new games with friends.

→ Narukin’s NaruDinamics English ver.

ナルメカ(ナルキンのそうなるメカニズム) -NaruMECHANISM-