ENTP personality type

ENTPs seek coherent and logical explanations without contradiction, and they are constantly searching for new ideas, striving to understand the structure of things and how they fit together. They are intellectually curious, able to see relationships and meanings behind things, and have a multifaceted view of things. They are skeptical of existing concepts and methods, and instead of being judgmental, they try to find better and more inventive concepts and methods through their own thought processes. They will share and discuss their ideas with others. If there is always a better thought or idea, they will try to adopt it.

They are optimistic and are willing to do what seems good to them. They are smart and quick to understand, and the more they are challenged, the more they learn and the more knowledge they gain. When they try something new, they are excited to see what they can do and what they can learn.

They are eager to be challenged, but in the beginning they may not have a very clear answer as to what will happen. They often start out with what they think is a good idea, only to find out later that it is a failure. But even then, they do not linger in their disappointment. Even if they fail, they are able to apply the experience to their next success. It is not uncommon for them to even come up with new ideas from the experience of failure itself.

ENTPs are playful and like games and toys. The more intellectually sophisticated they are, the more they enjoy them. The more intellectually sophisticated they are, the more they will enjoy it. They will want to participate in a game that is popular or that everyone else is playing. Once they finish solving it or understand how it works, their interest shifts to the next new thing.

ENTPs are competitive, competent, and can handle a lot of things strategically. They want to work with competent people to achieve their goals efficiently. They have a competitive streak and are excited if they can find a way to focus their attention on beating their opponents and find a way to win.

They are resourceful and adaptable to new situations. They have a tendency to get bored easily, but when they set a proper goal, they are self-disciplined and hardworking. Whenever they are faced with a big obstacle, they become even more motivated and try to overcome it somehow. Even though they face one problem after another, they are able to come up with solutions and improvements each time, which brings them closer to their goals.

They don’t want to be bothered by relationships as long as they are focused and paying attention to what they have to do. However, when they have a short break or after a successful work day, they will try to socialize with others. They often get motivation from talking to people and having them listen to their problems. They are charming, affectionate, and entertain people with interesting stories. They also move around to meet new people, which naturally expands their friendships.  

ENTPs want others to know what they think and what they are doing. They seek opinions and show off their achievements to people who understand them. They hit it off when they find someone who has similar interests to their own. When their ideas are accepted, they are willing to collaborate to make them a reality. They are open to seeking support from others in areas where they are unskilled. They value relationships and want to ensure that everyone involved, including themselves, benefits from their roles. They are respectful and grateful for good advice, although rivalry may erupt when they find someone competent.

They are honest in their self-disclosure and have a humble side. They are openly happy and motivated by praise. They are understanding when others’ views are based on good evidence. When others are harsh or scold them, they reflect on their failures. They state their ideas and are curious about what others think.

ENTPs have good analytical and planning skills and can persuade others. They don’t always finish what they start on their own, but may leave it to others to do it for them. Nevertheless, as long as they are cooperative and share the duties and benefits fairly, there will be no problem. They are not good at paying attention to details in the actual execution phase. They believe that if they can get others to point out mistakes they are not aware of, they will be closer to completing the execution of the plans they have made.

They like discussions and they often become heated. They reason coherently and argue their ideas from their unique perspective. They can shift perspectives and even consider whether opposing views are legitimate, so it’s like debating. They are not bound by common sense or existing ideas, but try to explore what they consider to be more correct, more valuable methods and concepts by debating with others. This style of communication is like a sport for ENTPs, and it can be fun. However, it can be tough for others as they strive for rigor and black-and-white clarity when they have a small question or notice a lack of consistency. They can even be contemptuous of those who do not understand them. They can also be offensive to their listeners, as they sometimes come up with morally offensive ideas, unscrupulous assumptions, and plausible arguments. They will unwittingly become so engrossed in the discussion that their opponents will be disgusted and will not be able to proceed as they wish. They may even stop being taken seriously. Or, when they decide that the situation they are dealing with is out of control, they will give up on the person they are talking to, quit the discussion, and walk away. They may regret that they forgot to be polite, but they think it was inevitable and think of something else to do. An understanding NT type or a mature INFJ may be a good debater for them. They bring new perspectives in areas such as business strategy, science, technology, and philosophy.

ENTPs trust inspiration and will be able to accomplish creative work through their own thought processes. If they are able to utilize these strengths, you can expect them to work in a wide range of fields. They are not detail-oriented, but they are open to honest criticism and will refine and gradually establish their methods. They will work together to make their ideas a reality, and it will be a pleasure to see them become widely accepted and established.

→ Narukin’s NaruDinamics English ver.

ナルメカ(ナルキンのそうなるメカニズム) -NaruMECHANISM-