The ENTP as a Leader


ENTPs have good intuition and analytical skills, and they may find ways to improve a system or come up with new policies.

They can’t stand inefficiency and are not afraid to state what needs to be improved. They are objective and theoretical, so they can be easily accepted by those who value such things.

They are quick-witted when explaining their ideas, and are more likely to cooperate when they try to impress others.

ENTPs will occasionally take the opportunity to actively expand their relationships.

Rather than trying to implement ideas on their own and monopolize the benefits, they try to achieve their goals by collaborating with others in their respective capacities.

They discuss ideas and involve everyone in the process.

They basically want each person to be able to perform under self-discipline, but they may make rules and try to get people to follow them in order to achieve their goals. They will feel frustrated if they cannot keep the group cohesive.

ENTPs may not see things through to the end, leaving others to do what they say they will do. This is fine if they are doing this as an organization, sharing roles with others, but in some cases they must be careful to stick to their original intentions.

In some cases, they need to be careful to stick to their original intentions. They need to be careful to get opinions from different people so that they don’t make unethical choices that are frowned upon by the people around them because of their focus on efficiency.

ENTPs are highly motivated and proactive when it comes to launching new businesses. They are able to make efficient choices on the fly and are resourceful in confronting problems that have no precedent.

They find points of improvement in terms of systems and technology to make them more efficient. They will be delighted if the results are recognized as genuine, become ingrained in their habits, and many people will benefit from them for many years to come.

→ Narukin’s NaruDinamics English ver.

ナルメカ(ナルキンのそうなるメカニズム) -NaruMECHANISM-