ENTP Hobbies and Interests


Some ENTPs read a wide range of books and try to absorb a lot of knowledge.

They are also interested in comics and games.

They prefer games that allow them to use their keen intuition and reasoning skills. Some of them are into chess, chess, chess, and go, and they have the knowledge and skills of professionals.

Most of the time, they have a knack for anything and everything, even if it is just a hobby for diversion.

They also like to be fashionable. They may go out to eat, organize excursions with friends, or go to lively places.

ENTPs will also develop an interest in artistic things, such as music and painting. These things require the expression of sensitivity, careful observation and creative consideration, and they bring a new breeze to what used to be a logical and somewhat twisted interpretation.

As they get older, they become more interested in people and society, and may begin to speculate on ethics and philosophy.

ENTPs think about and try to understand technology as well as society and institutions with great precision. However, they recognize that all possibilities exist, and when they see that change is always occurring, they begin to question what exactly they can trust.

They also feel that each and every one of us behaves selfishly in the end, and that there is no such thing as absolute truth. Hence, they tend to fall into nihilism.

In order for them to break free from this, they need the presence of people who are different from them. From that relationship they may be able to get answers. They continue their artistic creation and philosophical contemplation.

→ Narukin’s NaruDinamics English ver.

ナルメカ(ナルキンのそうなるメカニズム) -NaruMECHANISM-