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The first step to make your dream come true

Do you have a dream? If so, have you ever wanted to make that dream come true? What kind of dream is it? How many are there? If there are many, how can you make those dreams come true?
It is wonderful to have many dreams. Without dreams, people can do nothing and achieve nothing. Because without motivation, people don’t have to accomplish anything.
But how many of those dreams have come true? The reality is that even people with many dreams can hardly realize them.

So how do you make your dreams come true? It may come as a surprise, but first of all, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that “Most dreams do not come true (Most of my dreams won’t come true.)”.

Some people may be upset. However, dreams are meaningless if you have a lot of them, and only when you achieve them will they be meaningful. And paradoxically, you can make more dreams come true by being aware that all dreams can’t be made. I’ll explain what you mean.

First, intuitively throw away most (About 80%) of the things in your dreams that you won’t or won’t achieve. We sort them out. Then, of course, only a few dreams (remaining 20%) remain. No one can achieve more than 20% of that in life. Because life is finite.
“Life has infinite possibilities.”… some people may insist. That is logically correct. However, when you think of infinite possibilities, you end up alienating your dreams. The dream of “infinity” has to come true in the limited life of “finite”. No living thing can escape from the “finite” framework of life.

Think about it this way. If your life is infinite, do you think life is precious? Will you fulfill your dream “When” in infinite life? I’m sure it won’t come true. Because life is infinite “Anytime.”. Also, you won’t feel “honor life” because of the infinite life span.
Yes, the feeling of “venerable” comes from “limited finite things = irreplaceable things”.
Going back to what I said before, by accepting the reality that “Only a few dreams can be realized in a limited life.” we can feel the value of that small number of dreams and tackle them more seriously than before. As a result, it’s easier to make your dreams come true.

In other words, when you have to sort out only those dreams that are really likely to come true from “A lot of dreams I want to realize someday”

You have to sort out the dreams that will come true in your life

Only a few will remain as candidates for dreams that will come true

You will understand the value of each dream (I can recognize that they are really important.)

You will strive harder to come true

Your dreams will come true easier than before.

One of the keys to making your dreams come true is “throw away one’s unwanted dream”.

Are you afraid to give up your dreams? Don’t worry. The fact that you are afraid of it is a sign that you have started to make a serious selection. In your limited life, let’s not just dream, but make sure that the few remaining dreams come true.

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